21 · ENLARGE YOUR SAX – Programa Eletroacústicas – Rádio MEC FM, BRAZIL

16 · ENLARGE YOUR SAX – CICM – Université Paris 8 - Paris, FRANCE

14 · ENLARGE YOUR SAX – Programa Eletroacústicas – Rádio MEC FM, BRAZIL

07 · ENLARGE YOUR SAX – Programa Eletroacústicas – Rádio MEC FM, BRAZIL




30 · Workshop – EMESP – São Paulo, Brazil

27 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Festival Música Estranha – São Paulo, BRAZIL

19 · ABSTRAI ensemble – MUSLAB – Instituto Cervantes – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




10 - 18 · ABSTRAI ensemble – XXI Bienal de Música Contemporânea Brasileira – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




25 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Série Tendências – Escola de Música da UFRJ – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

24 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Concertos Didáticos – Colégio Pedro II – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

03 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Academia Brasileira de Letras – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




24 - 27 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Música de Agora na Bahia – Salvador, BRAZIL

23 · Soloist – Orquestra Sinfônica Nacional – Maestro Roberto Duarte – Niterói, BRAZIL

17 - 19 · Jornadas de Música Mistas – UFRJ, CICM/MSH Univ.Paris 8, UNIRIO, USP, Unicamp – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




28 · Master Class - O Rio é Sax - Centro Municipal de Referência da Música Carioca - Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

11 · Soloist – SaxOpen – World Saxophone Congress – Strasbourg, FRANCE

01 · ENLARGE YOUR SAX - CICM/Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris Nord, FRANCE




10 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Espaço Guiomar Novaes – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

07 · BFRJ – Maestro Antônio Seixas – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




10 · ABSTRAI ensemble – live at Rádio MEC - Espaço Guiomar Novaes – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




15 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Espaço Guiomar Novaes – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




22 · Soloist – Orquestra do Theatro Municipal – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

05 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Rádio MEC – Dia da Música Clássica – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




16 · Enlarge Your Sax – CD released by Wergo label – GERMANY

12 · ABSTRAI ensemble – Recording TV Program Partituras – TV Brasil – Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL




Enlarge Your Sax

Sax & Electronics

ENLARGE YOUR SAX is an interactive performance with sax, electronics and digital images. All the pieces in this project are for solo sax (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass) and electronics, and were premiered by Pedro Bittencourt.


 CD by Wergo, edition ZKM Electronic

 Premiere at ZKM - Karlsruhe, Germany





ABSTRAI ensemble

Contemporary Chamber Music

ABSTRAI ensemble is dedicated to contemporary chamber music with electronics, in collaboration with composers from Brazil and abroad. ABSTRAI ensemble realizes concerts and didactic activities, such as workshops, master classes and commented concerts. The repertoire of the group combines traditional acoustic instruments with the last digital technologies.


ABSTRAI ensemble was founded in 2005 in France by Pedro Bittencourt, who besides playing the saxophone is also the artistic director of the group. ABSTRAI ensemble has done concerts in Paris, Karlsruhe and Lisbon from 2005 to 2009. Since 2011 ABSTRAI ensemble is based in Rio de Janeiro, brazil, and has done concerts and workshops in many Festivals in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Londrina.


The main goal of ABSTRAI ensemble is stimulating the production and circulation of new musical works, developing collaborations with composers from all over the world and thus contributing to raise the audience for contemporary music in Brazil.








Waves By Poets

Chamber Music, Video, Poetry

The project "Waves by Poets" is an assemblage of chamber music, electronics, poetry and video. The theme of the poems is the sea. As transitions between the musical pieces of the evening they will be read out in the original version (French, German, Spanish and Portuguese) and sometimes accompanied by videos. A number of the videos form an essential element of the compositions, which will be interpreted by ABSTRAI ensemble. The compositions were especially produced for this project.


 Premiere at ZKM - Karlsruhe, Germany




Conjunto de Sax da UFRJ

Sax ensemble

Sax ensemble from the School of Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. From 2 to 12 saxes, the group has an eclectic repertoire with many new Brazilian pieces, and has already done many concerts in Brazil since 2009, such as the 5th International Sax Encounter of Tatui Conservatoire (São Paulo), Panorama da Música Contemporânea Brasileira (Rio de Janeiro), Preludio 21 concert series and Casa da Ciência (Rio de Janeiro).







Pedro Bittencourt plays Selmer saxophones (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass) and Vandoren reeds and mouthpieces.


Pedro Bittencourt